We have had issues with users who are having an inconsistent upload experience for larger files in the region of 600MB. Predominantly these issues are with data files from the Chauvin Arnoux PEL series of Power Energy Loggers when the instrument has been set record 1 second trend and harmonics over a week. The PEL does not store the one second data in an optimised file format and we cannot guarantee the upload due to external factors such as Internet connections and upload times causing a time out on the connection. Therefore we have limited our upload portal to 200MB and recommend that if harmonic measurements are required and you are using these meters that we are contacted to discuss alternative methods of getting the data to us. We have made provision by a suggested secondary upload service which you can learn more about in the FAQ “How to send us large files for your Power Quality Health Check“.

Preferably we recommend that clients use a dedicated Power Quality Analyser such as the Fluke 435, Sonel 700 series or Chauvin Arnoux CA833* series meters to conduct their power quality measurements when harmonic measurements are needed as these meters store the data in more manageable file size formats.