Power Quality Health Check Report

Power Quality Health Check is a reporting service available directly from Power Quality Expert or through one of our approved providers. We analyse and use the downloaded data from your own or hired power analyser or power energy logger to produce a comprehensive power quality report.

The Power Quality Health Check report goes beyond the basic analysis offered by the standard test equipment download software, to produce a detailed analysis of your sites survey data. By using the downloaded datafile from your power quality analyser or portable energy logger, we are able to look at key power quality and energy measurements to present the results along with comments and recommendations for remedial solutions to common power and energy problems such as over-voltage, poor power factor, harmonic voltage distortion and harmonic current emissions.

The data and analysis is presented in a standardised report, independent of what manufacturer of power or energy analyser is used. This means that if you have different analysers or hire alternative models over the course of a contract the reports and results are always presented in a uniform format for presentation to clients and customers. A simple traffic light system is used to present the results and highlights areas such as power factor, total harmonic distortion (THD) and individual harmonics that may need further investigation or that should be monitored as an advisory measure.

Power Quality Health Check reports are also available across the UK from electrical wholesalers and specialist electrical test equipment distributors who will also be able to hire you the test equipment needed.

Helping you provide power quality with safe COVID-19 working practices

Power Quality Health Check is available as an online service, meaning that you can use us to provide analysis and advice on power quality solutions whilst maintaining social distancing and safe working practices.

Simply upload your file directly to us through the online portal. We will contact you to discuss specifics of the survey. Once the report is ready, login through your personal account and view online or download in PDF whenever you are ready. A unique URL link is also generated to allow you to share the report with other members of your team or directly to your customers.

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Power Quality Health Check Report