Power Quality Health Check Survey

Power Quality Expert offer a complete on-site power quality health check service. We are able to provide the power analyser equipment needed, complete with the setup of the meters to record all the necessary power quality parameters and the download of the results where we then produce your power quality health check report.

Our Power Quality Health Check survey monitors the power quality parameters we consider give a good overall indication of your electrical installations health. Results are presented using our own Power Quality Health Check report to present minimum, maximum and average of power measurements, with colour coding of harmonic measurements to provide quick and easy indication of potential issues. Comments and recommendations for remedial power quality solutions is included in the report.

The survey is conducted over a 7 day / 1 week period and monitors the following electrical parameters

  • V – Voltage
  • A – Current
  • Hz – Fundamental Voltage Frequency
  • kW – Watts
  • kVA – Apparent Power
  • kVAR – Reactive Power
  • PF – Power Factor
  • THD V – Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage
  • THD I – Total Harmonic Distortion of Current
  • Vh – Odd Voltage Harmonics
  • Ih – Odd Current Harmonics

We are able to operate throughout the United Kingdom and on sites that require CSCS accreditation (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). We are also members of professional trade associations including the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and ESTA (Energy Services Technology Association).

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Power Quality Health Check Survey